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Little things is a membership based toy lending library located in the Gold Coast. We provide families affordable access to toys through our online boutique. 

The library stocks an array of eco friendly, educational and open ended play toys designed to support skill development and imagination for children aged 6 months to 8 years. 

Families have access to over 100+ toys for a low cost membership! Other advantages to a membership include;


Our toy library serves our community and teaches children the values of sharing and caring. 10% of each monthly membership fee is donated to a local non-profit.


Our collection of toys nurture creativity and imagination and allows children to discover new toys as their development evolves.


Children sharing a toy rather than each having their own not only cuts down on the resources and energy used to make new toys, but also creates less waste in landfills from unwanted toys.


Borrowing from a toy library reduces the clutter of toys in your home and you spend less money and less time organising or donating toys.

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